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The Future of Recruitment: Trends and Technologies Shaping Talent Acquisition

December 28, 2023

Rapidly advancing technology disrupts almost everything, including how companies recruit new team members. Innovative recruitment techniques that go beyond traditional methods are now the order of the day. From artificial intelligence (AI) to gamification, predictive analysis, and employee referral programs, staying ahead in today's market means more than posting job ads or offering competitive salaries.

You must keep up with the latest recruitment trends to stay competitive and attract the best talent. This article discusses the emerging trends and technologies influencing the recruitment landscape. Read on to learn what savvy businesses are doing to stay ahead of the curve.

Artificial Intelligence

About 95 percent of HR professionals believe that AI could assist in the application process for candidates. And indeed, it does. The majority of recruiters (65 percent) already use AI in hiring.

AI systems now help recruiters sort through piles of resumes quickly, picking out the best matches for a job. Some algorithms specialize in scouring the internet for potential candidates, even spotting those who might not be actively looking for jobs but could be a great fit. These innovative methods save a ton of time and money for companies.

Referral programs

A referral program is one of the best ways for companies to find great new team members and speed up hiring. When employees recommend top talent within their network for a job, they will almost always recommend people they know can do a job effectively. By involving employees in hiring, your company can access a bigger pool of potential hires.

And when you extend your referral program to include external professionals, you'll diversify your team! With Bountiful, you can manage your employee referral program internally and scale it externally to include our network of "community scouts." Learn more how we can help you supercharge your referral program, and book time with our team today!

Virtual and augmented reality

Ever tried on a job through VR glasses? Companies are using this technology to give candidates virtual office tours or show them what a day on the job might look like. Some companies pioneering this approach include Walmart, Bank of America, FedEx, JetBlue, and Verizon.

Besides showing candidates a realistic preview of the workplace culture and surroundings, candidates can complete simulated tasks related to the job so companies can get a feel for their competencies.

VR and AR have been linked with the entertainment industry for quite a while, but they have entered the recruitment sector to stay. Researchers predict that AR and VR will improve 23 million jobs by 2030.

Social media recruiting

Since job boards are fading, social media has become the new hiring hotspot for many companies. Recruiters use platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter to reach out directly to potential employees. Besides this direct approach, they also share job openings across platforms, reaching a wider audience beyond traditional job boards.

About 79 percent of job seekers use social media in their job search, and 91 percent of employers use it for hiring — making it an excellent place for employer branding. You can showcase your company culture, values, and work environment on social handles. Post employees' testimonials, behind-the-scenes clips, and company events also help to attract potential candidates. You want to post content showcasing why your company is a great workplace!

Gamification in recruitment

Ever played a game during a job application? Gamification does just that. It makes the process fun by using challenges or quizzes to test candidates' skills and abilities.

Gamified assessments evaluate candidates' skills through interactive challenges. For instance, they might present coding problems as puzzles or create scenarios to see how candidates tackle challenges.

Google is one of the early adopters of this recruiting approach. In 2004, they invited people to solve a set of equations, believing - rightly so - that those who were intelligent and driven enough to finish would be excellent candidates. Years later, gamification has become common in many organizations, including Headspace, KFC, M&Ms, Starbucks, Nike, and Duolingo.

Candidate experience

Improving the candidate experience in your organization is now more critical than ever. The best talent in the job marketplace has the luxury of being selective with job opportunities. If their experience with your company's hiring process is frustrating, they'll withdraw from consideration or accept another offer.

A CareerPlug survey revealed that 49 percent of job seekers had rejected a job offer because they had a terrible experience during the hiring process.

On the contrary, when candidates have a great time applying and interviewing, it gives them a positive impression of your company. Whether they get a job or not, they'll likely tell their friends about your company, helping you promote other open roles in your firm. This is one of the simplest steps to leveraging referrals to attract top talent.

Maximize your recruiting potential

These trends and technologies change how companies find, assess, and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive job market. Embracing these advancements can significantly level up your company's recruitment strategies and improve candidate experience and the overall hiring outcome.

Take your recruiting strategy to the next level today with an efficient employee referral program. Find out how Bountiful helps companies build better teams faster.

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