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We believe in the power of networks — and we’re here to help unlock the full potential of human connections to build stronger teams.


Our mission.

When it comes to hiring, networks are powerful. Engaging your own network, your network’s network, or tapping into an entirely new network can lead to uncovering top talent and building strong, diverse teams.

But, most networks are underutilized. We’re here to change that.

At Bountiful, our mission is to leverage the power of referrals and rewards to connect individuals and organizations across industries and foster new opportunities and relationships that drive growth and success for all.

There’s power in networks – and we’re here to help you unlock it.

How We Operate

We’re guided by a handful of core values and beliefs.
We are all customer advocates
Every conversation, every decision, every action is rooted in doing what is right for our customers.
We optimize for impact
Outcomes are far more important than effort.
We prefer simplicity
Understand the problem. Solve the problem. Take note when things get overly complicated and find a path back toward simplicity.
We are macro-optimists
We are micro pessimists but macro optimists.
Integrity is fundamental
It is a value that guides us to act with consistency, fairness, and respect for others. Through our commitment to integrity, we will create a culture of transparency and ethical behavior and, ultimately, positively impact the world around us.

Our leadership.


Scott Sinatra

Co-Founder and CEO

Nick Kirkes

Co-Founder and CTO

High Alpha

Co-Founder and Venture Studio