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Build better teams, faster.

From sharing job openings to rewarding your referral network, Bountiful makes recruiting a whole lot easier.
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How It Works

How recruiting through your network works with Bountiful.

Bountiful helps you harness the power of networks to amplify job opportunities and uncover the best candidates, faster. Here’s how it works.

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Set a bounty
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Share the bounty
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Make a hire, pay the bounty

End-to-end referral management.

One platform that helps manage your referral program every step of the way.

Product feature-1

Recruit better, faster.

From publishing jobs all the way through payment and rewarding referrers, harness the power of a true end-to-end referral management platform to scale your hiring efforts.

  • Robust applicant tracking system integrations
  • Simple job posting and sharing tied to bounties or incentives
  • Dashboards to track applicant and referrer velocity
  • Landing page analytics
  • Candidate strength score
  • Payment processing for bounties
Product feature-2

Drive real engagement.

Encourage networks to share job opportunities with simple referrer link creation and publishing across social channels and beyond.

  • Customizable referrer portal
  • Unique referral link creation
  • Link tracking and referrer attribution
  • Full link metadata control for social sharing
Product feature-3

Visibility that leads to better experiences for everyone.

Whether you’re a hiring manager, referrer, or a job applicant, gain increased visibility into the hiring process from start to finish.

  • Candidate scoring to easily uncover top candidates
  • Increased visibility into job opening status for applicants
  • Open for anyone to join as a referrer
Product feature-4

Amplify to your network and beyond.

Generate qualified, diverse candidates through job sharing across your network, your network’s network, and our curated network partners.

  • Incentive-based job sharing
  • Simple, customizable referral link landing pages
  • Access to sharing opportunities with our selected network partners

Analytics for continuous improvement.

Access analytics dashboards for real-time updates on open jobs and bounties, referral link creation, social channel engagement, applicants velocity, and more.

  • Analytics reporting for HR teams and hiring manager
  • Referrer and applicant channel engagement reporting
  • Smart bounty suggestions
  • Top referrers reporting and analytics