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Leverage the power of networks to recruit better.

Bountiful was built to help you manage your employee referral program — even scaling it externally to make talent acquisition seamless.

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How it works.

Bountiful harnesses the power of connections to create a thriving employee referral program where companies, job candidates, and Bountiful Scouts all benefit. Learn how:

A seamless employee
(and candidate) experience

From shareable job opportunities and custom outreach templates to tracking progress and trigger-based email notifications, we make the employee and candidate experience seamless and easy to manage.

Photo of Bountiful platform showcasing how a customer can view candidates for open rolesLearn More

Scale your side hustle.

Bountiful doesn’t just help companies reward their employees, we help them activate your network as well — even if you don’t work there! Get compensated for roles you help companies fill with a platform designed to make scaling a new side hustle simple.

Screenshot of Bountiful platform for Scouts — showing how they can scale their side hustleLearn More
Headshot of Scott Leserman, customer of Bountiful
"Bountiful is a game-changer in talent acquisition. Not only is the platform intuitive and efficient, but it harnesses the power of both internal and external networks, enabling companies to discover exceptional candidates they might have otherwise missed. I truly believe that Bountiful will change the way we think about talent acquisition and recruiting."
Scott Leserman
Head of Talent Acquisition at PosiGen
Headshot of Scott Leserman, customer of Bountiful
"Finding top-notch candidates quickly has always been a challenge. The idea of a platform like Bountiful that leverages referrals and networks to connect LogicGate with exceptional talent is incredibly exciting. I can't wait to see the impact Bountiful will have on streamlining the hiring process and driving great job candidates. It's exactly what every organization needs."
Caroline Werner
CPO at LogicGate