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Scale your side hustle.

Sign up to become a Bountiful Scout, share job opportunities with your network, and get paid to recruit.
How It Works

How it works.

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Find an open bounty
Share jobs with your network
Track your candidates
They get hired, you get paid

Recruit your network and earn more with Bountiful.

With Bountiful, you can quickly amplify job opportunities to your network and collect your bounty.

Product feature-1

Find open bounties, get paid to engage your network.

Get access to new job opportunities and bounties — then share them with your network. With Bountiful, you’ll get paid when one of your connections gets hired.

  • Job openings and bounty opportunity discovery
  • Quick and efficient referral link sharing
  • Simple payment
Product feature-2

Refer a connection, get paid.

Whether you’re a full-time recruiter or active networker, Bountiful makes it simple and straightforward to connect your people to job opportunities.

  • Sharing options for social and direct messaging
  • Quick unique referral link generation
  • Easy management of created referral links
Product feature-3

Track your referrals.

See how your referral links are performing, who has applied, and where your referrals are in the job process with analytics and reporting dashboards.

  • Candidate scoring to easily uncover top candidates
  • Increased visibility into job opening status for applicants
  • Open for anyone to join as a Bountiful Scout
Product feature-4

Connect your network to jobs they’ll love.

With a steady supply of open roles to fill, you can connect the perfect candidate from your network to a role and company that’s right for them.

  • Access a wide range of open bounties
  • Learn about each company through Bountiful company profiles
"We are in a secular labor shortage impacting every company and industry. Yet most companies underutilize the power of highly qualified talent pre-vetted by their workforce. Scaling employee referrals is an innovative approach to solving urgent skills gaps."
Kathi Enderes
SVP and Global Industry Analyst, The Josh Bersin Company
"Finding top-notch candidates quickly has always been a challenge. The idea of a platform like Bountiful that leverages referrals and networks to connect LogicGate with exceptional talent is incredibly exciting. I can't wait to see the impact Bountiful will have on streamlining the hiring process and driving great job candidates. It's exactly what every organization needs."
Caroline Werner
CPO at LogicGate